Lab Services

Full Range of Diagnostic Services

Forsythe’s full lab on site with experienced staff provide your business with the following services:

  • Prompt On-Site Systems Diagnostics
  • Recommendations to ensure your systems are in peak performing condition
  • Sample Drop-Off / Pick-Ups
  • Accurate Sample Analysis
  • Extensive fluid testing reports
  • Short turn around time for sample analysis results
  • Maintain history results of your systems and fluid

What can we test?

Our team can offer responsive, accurate, fluid analysis and testing on:

  • Gear Oils
  • Motor Oils
  • Water Based Hydraulic Fluids
  • Misting Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Phosphate Esters
  • Synthetic Fluids

We perform follow up visits to provide sample analysis reports, along with recommendations to maintain the life of your fluid and your systems. Samples are retained for 18 month period.

What kind of tests does Forsythe offer?

Our service experts are able to provide an extensive range of tests for your lab, including:

  1. Visual Test
  2. Viscosity Index
  3. Colour
  4. Flash Point (Coc)
  5. Density
  6. Viscosity
  7. Low Temp Brookfield
  8. Reserve Alkalinity
  9. Ph
  10. Refractive Index
  11. Water Separability
  12. B-F Indicator
  13. Emulsion
  14. Inorganic Phospate
  15. Gear Oil Tackiness
  16. Foam Sequence I, II, III
  17. Copper Corrosion
  18. Total Acid Number (Tan)
  19. Pour Point
  20. % Water Analysis
  21. IR Scan
  22. Crackle
  23. Cast Iron Chip
  24. Electrical Resistivity
  25. Tramp Oil Determination
  26. Demulsibility
  27. Mineral Oil Content
  28. Cetop Filtration
  29. Dry Residuum Test
  30. Total Base Number (0-20)

Why use Forsythe? What makes us different?

  • Samples can be tested on a rush basis in a 24-hour turn-around period
  • Systems and fluids will be diagnosed and problems solved quickly & efficiently
  • Retain samples for a period of 18 months. (most labs retain for 6 months)
  • Results relayed by both phone and visit, with detailed written report
  • Our long standing staff are invested in your business and ours to ensure your satisfaction