Forsythe Diana 2100 – NSF Approved

Synthetic Food Machinery Grease
NSF Registration No. 133123

Forsythe Diana 2100 grease is a member of a family of technologically advanced greases which have been developed by complex modified over-based calcium sulfonates. This technology is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water and corrosion. This technology equals and in many ways outperforms other premium, high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex and Polyurea.

Features & Benefits

Thermal & Mechanical Stability

  • Superior mechanical stability versus other thickeners, particularly in the presence of heat and water
  • High dropping point, typically in excess of 300C

Load Carrying & Wear Protection

  • Excellent EP and AW properties inherent in the thickener
  • Does not require the use of additional additives

Resistance to Water

  • Formulated for enhanced resistance to water

Resistance to Oxidation

  • Formulated with a low viscosity PAO
  • Life performance is typically increased by up to 4 times that of a regular mineral oil based grease

Low Temperature Properties

  • Excellent mobility and torque at temps. down to -40C

Corrosion Resistance

  • Sulfonates are known and used for their excellent rust prevention properties
  • This property is inherent in the thickener
  • Will easily outperform all other technologies


Forsythe Diana 2100 is a certified H-1 grease for incidental contact with food. It is designed for use in all food processing operations including mixing, stirring, baking, frying, cooking, freezing, cleansing, packaging, canning and bottling.


Forsythe Diana 2100 may be handled using conventional grease handling and dispensing methods.


Available in all package sizes including tubes, 17 kg. pails, 55 kg. kegs, 180 kg. drums, and bulk

Forshield L-9500

Steel Mill Grease

FORSHIELD L-9500 is a lithium complex soap thickened grease specially formulated for heavy-duty industrial applications where water and high temperature are a concern. This product formulated with high quality base stocks, Extreme Pressure (EP) and Anti-corrosion additives for highest performance.


FORSHIELD L-9500 is recommended for use in steel mill heavy applications subject to high shear, heat and water. It’s used in the steel processing equipment’s such as Hot Strip Mill Bearings, Roughers, Shears, Continuous Casters, Run out Tables, Mill Roll Neck Bearings, Couplings, Gearing and Spindles.

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear Protection
  • Good Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent High Temperature Stability
  • Excellent Water Resistant
  • Multi-Purpose Grease
  • Protection against shock loading


Available in all package sizes including tubes, 17 kg. pails, 55 kg. kegs, 180 kg. drums, and bulk

MP 1100 EP

Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

MP 1100 EP is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure, lithium 12-hydroxystearate grease.


MP 1100 EP was developed as a general purpose bearing and gear grease for industrial, farm, and automotive applications. It has a usable operating temperature range of -30 °C to 135 °C.

MP 1100 EP is recommended for plain and anti-friction bearings in applications such as:

  • automotive and mobile forestry equipment
  • paper machine wet-end bearings
  • dryer roll bearings
  • shock-loaded conveyor bearings
  • centralized lubricating systems


Available in all package sizes including tubes, 17 kg. pails, 55 kg. kegs, 180 kg. drums, and bulk


High Temperature Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease

MOCS-2 is our premium grade calcium sulfonate complex grease which out performs lithium and aluminium complex greases in industrial and automotive applications. It has outstanding mechanical stability, load carrying ability, thermal & oxidation stability, and resistance to water and corrosion.


MOCS-2 is a multi-purpose high temperature grease recommended for all industrial and automotive applications. It has found particular application in the steel industry in hot, wet, high load applications where other greases fail.

Automotive: all chassis points, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, and king pins.

Industrial: anti-friction bearings, low and high speed journal bearings, oven conveyors, electric motor bearings, steel mill roller bearings, crusher bearings, construction and agricultural equipment.


Available in all package sizes including tubes, 17 kg. pails, 55 kg. kegs, 180 kg. drums, and bulk