Way Lube

Forway WR

Premium Machine Tool Slideway Lubricant

Forway WR is a premium machine tool slideway lubricant which exhibits superior thermal stability and demulsibility characteristics, and resists wash off by cutting oils and coolants. Forway WR provides excellent frictional characteristics on both steel and plastic slideways found on modern machine tools. Its special friction reducing properties prevent stick-slip chatter action and assure smooth sliding performance on heavily loaded slideways regardless of the rate of movement.

Forway WR meets Cincinnati Milacron way/hydraulic oil specifications P-47, P-50, and P-53 respectively.

Forway WR is recommended for use with state of the art European and Japanese machine tools, planers, grinders, shapers, precision equipment and anywhere that the properties of a premium slideway lubricant are required.

The excellent EP and antiwear properties of Forway WR also permit its use in certain industrial hydraulic and gear oil applications.


20 litre pails, 205 litre drums, 1000 litre totes and bulk shipments as required.