Rust Preventative

Improved Rust Protection

Forsythe can manufacture all manner of rust preventives for your specific needs:

  • Oils
  • Solvent cutbacks
  • Emulsions
  • Semi-solid wax-types

Short-term indoor rust protection to long term outdoor products can also be blended to meet particular requirements. Many of these products are designed specifically for metal, application, removal & varying environments or a combination of some or all.

While we have some common products for off-the-shelf sales, we are always ready to help you design one for your own special purposes.

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Rust Preventatives

Rust Preventative Oil 10

Short Term Rust Preventative

Rust preventive oil 10 is a short term rust preventative designed to meet the corrosion protection requirements of Industrial Applications. It can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing.



Colour, visual Clear, amber
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM-D445) 7 – 11
Specific Gravity @ 15.6° C (ASTM-D4052) 0.865
Flash Point, °C (ASTM D-92) > 120

Rust Preventative Oil 10 Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Low Viscosity Simple to Apply
Low Odour Better Customer Acceptance


Rust Preventative oil 10 is available in 20 litre pails, 205 litre drums, totes and bulk shipments as required.



Rust-Not 8339-S

Hard Film Protective Coating

Rust-Not 8339-S is a hard film protective coating designed to provide long term protection of metal surfaces. Applied as a solution in a volatile solvent, Rust-Not 8339-S forms a highly resilient film with outstanding resistance to salt, humidity and acid fumes.

It provides long term indoor/outdoor protection of metal surfaces against rust and corrosion, and may be used as is or diluted with mineral spirits if a lesser degree of protection is required.

Features Benefits
Superior protection against salt, humidity, and acid fumes Protects metal surfaces in extremely hostile environments
Hard resilient film Provides long term indoor/outdoor protection
Fast drying Surface can be handled within an hour or less
Can be diluted with mineral spirits Improved economics and ease of handling

Typical Properties

Property Method Typical
Colour & Appearance Visual Dark Brown, Viscous
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C ASTM D-1298 0.895
Flash Point, °C (COC) ASTM D-92 >42
% Solids (by weight) 55
Humidity Cabinet, days protection ASTM D-1748 60+
5% Salt Spray, days protection ASTM B-117 60+

Rust-Not 8339-S may be applied via drip, spray, or brush. Store at room temperature; avoid temperature extremes.


Rust-Not 8339-S is available in 17 kg pails, 55kg kegs, and 180 kg drums.

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