Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking and Coolant Products

Forsythe have a number of familiar metalworking and metal forming lubricants in our product line.

Neat and soluble, metal removal fluids are blended, suitable for most common machining operations. More exotic compounds can be tailor-made to specific requirements.

Alternatively, Forsythe can blend your formula to exacting standards and ship direct to you or your customer in your private label.

Our staff’s experience with metalworking fluids and compounds – conventional or synthetic – means we can help you find the right product for the right application.

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Why Choose Forsythe For Your Metalworking Needs?

  • 100+ years of lubrication manufacturing & formulating experience – in business since 1911
  • ISO 9001 / TS16949 Certified
  • Privately (family) owned & operated
  • Woman-owned business (WEConnect International)
  • Medium-sized enterprise – Agile, Versatile, Reliable
  • Debt-free facility

We combine large company quality with small company efficiency and service. Let us meet your metalworking & coolant needs today.

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